What to do when your NEXUS card is missing?

Every traveler who all the time crosses the border of its country knows that the waiting at the airport is very unpleasant process… And independently of the way of traveling (by car, by boat or by plain) to pass the customs checks is a must. We can’t just to skip this procedure and just like that to cross the border. If that was possible (but it isn’t), every trip abroad will be more than perfect and we will be able to get the end point of our journey much faster!

What can we do in case we hate the long lines and the crowds? Is there some way to travel faster or at least a little bit more unpleasant when it comes to traveling abroad?

Yes, there is… And this way is called NEXUS program that is specially developed for all the citizens of Canada and the U.S.! We think that all those people who leave in some of the above mentioned countries are lucky ones, because every their traveling to the next country and respectively every border crossing may be quite different and much more pleasant!

If you are one of the travelers who are using the benefits of the NEXUS program and are holder of a NEXUS card too, probably you are even addicted to your card :). And if you really are, we understand you very well…

Every NEXUS card will provide you with a fast crossing the borders between Canada and the U.S., as well as will give you the dream traveling – without endless waiting on the tails and without hustle among the crowds of people!

I lost my nexus card? – See what to do and keep reading.

But have you ever thought what will be your next travel without NEXUS card? And if unexpectedly your card disappears, what the feeling will be? – Surely, it won’t be pleasant because you will be forced to travel as you did before – long, tensely and without missing the queues!

Be prepared and know that even if your card is lost or stolen, you can fix things. You can apply for replacing and everything will be as before. You just have to fill-in the application for replacing and to send it by email, as your new card will be issued with the same expired date like your previous one!

The procedure is fast, especially if your personal data has not been changed! Just have a patience and very soon you will be able to continue traveling between Canada and the U.S. as in the good old days!