How to reach Canada and the U.S. faster?

Every day we think about the need of comfortable traveling and movement as well. We are wondering what the formula for a perfect trip is and is there some way for us to make every holiday unforgettable? If we had the chance to avoid the long lines, would we?

What a question (the last one)! Of course, if we had the possibility to skip the waiting at the airports, the crowds and the customs checks, we would have done it! – But does such a chance exist?

Yes, you can avoid the unpleasant waiting on the border, but only when you are located between Canada and the U.S.! If you travel often to some of these countries and are already tired of the endless waiting when you have to pass the customs check, get a NEXUS card! This card is amazing and will provide you with faster crossing the border. But if you do not know how to get it, or how to apply as a starting point, stay here, do not change this page and keep reading carefully! We know everything about the NEXUS program, the NEXUS cards and how to become a member too…

First of all, you should know that the presence of a criminal record is forbidden. This is the most important condition without it you won’t be able to get an approval! The other condition for both you and your family in order to become members of the NEXUS program is to have a citizenship in Canada or the U.S. at least for 5 years! Do you meet these conditions?

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If you think that you are an appropriate applicant for the NEXUS program and have no patience finally to apply, well just do it! – Even today and now! Download the application form, fill-in it carefully and send it by email. Do not forget to pay the fee after you finish with the filling in and be ready to receive some information about your applying.

Banff National Park in Canada

Usually, within 24 hours you have to receive a feedback. Your personal information fill be checked and if everything is okay, you will have a profile created in the system. But the approval is still far away… You should pass an interview, as that is probably one of the most important steps for all the applicants!

To get approval for a membership in the NEXUS program is great! If the NEXUS card you will get is the first one you will have, enjoy this pleasure and realize that every trip can be really amazing! Be always first, start traveling as never before and make a difference between your travel with NEXUS and your previous ones! See, there are some differences, right?

You can apply successful for the NEXUS program if you follow all steps and do not miss any of them as well. Pay special attention to each of the steps indicated and do not forget to fill-in all your data properly! This is very, very important. If you forget to write some detail, the process will be delayed and you won’t be able to get your NEXUS card as you planned!

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Be careful and do not miss the expired date of your NEXUS card. It is valid 5 years and after this term you have to renew your membership in the NEXUS program!

The procedure is the same, the steps as the same, the difference is that the process will be faster, because you have already been a member and the program “knows” you! But there is a condition – moreover very important! Your personal data do not have to be changed, you have to be non-arrested and the criminal record must be away from your life again!

If you love to travel with your NEXUS card, if you do not want to cross the borders of America and Canada without it, just apply and renew your magical NEXUS card. It will provide you with the travel you have always wanted and that is the point – fastness, pleasure and comfort. Is there anybody who doesn’t love all that?


Do you know that to renew your NEXUS card is easier than you have ever thought? Do you know that to travel fast, you only have to apply for renewal and that’s all? Once you have been approved for the NEXUS program, what do you think the chance to get an approval one more time is? – 50%, 60%, 100%…? – Or you are rather a pessimist and think that your luck won’t be always with you?

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Do not think negative and just apply. Make sure that you will get an approval and will receive your renewed NEXUS card in short terms as the only thing you have to do is to be patience! You already know that the approval takes time and things do not happen immediately… In order to enjoy your perfect travel, you have not to hurry and to push things. Tell your family that the perfect travel is very near, but you have to wait some time!

Every family or solo journey must give you a pleasure… If you are frustrated the whole time, if you have no patience to come back home and count the minutes as well, then there is no sense for you to go on like this. Try to do something to change the situation, as the best thing for you is to start is to apply for getting a NEXUS card – initial, renewed, replaced or so. No matter what kind of service you would like to take advantage of, know that the NEXUS program is a trusted-traveler program and works for all pre-approved and reliable travelers. If you are one of them and meet all the conditions, not 60% but 100% we can guarantee that you will receive an approval!

Apply for NEXUS today, enjoy your card tomorrow and renew it when it is time… Be patience and just start planning your next crossing the borders of Canada and the U.S. Book a hotel, choose a way of transportation and tell your kids that it is time for a new adventure – with the NEXUS program!